See The Good In Everything

bugSeeing the good in everything is hard sometimes, I know. Like ugly bugs, for example. Thier alive like us and everything has a purpose in the world. So that’s good right, because I know that makes me feel good knowing I have a purpose. Whatever my purpose is, or whatever the ugly bug’s purpose is you just have to see the good in it.

Out of a bad situation there is usually a good situation. A family member’s death could just bring someone closer to more people. Those people could change someone’s life forever and it could be a chain reaction. A bad thing can be a good thing sometimes. Just remember that the right choice isn’t always the easiest choice.

P.S. If you are allergic to the really ugly bug, then you can see the bad in it.

Never Coming Home


I sit there waiting for him to come home
Off to the military is where my father went
I never got to send a letter in to wish him luck
Forty years have past and I haven’t seen him yet
I stare out the window knowing he is gone
I wonder if he remembers me
My life can wait but time can’t
Maybe if I just give up…
I wouldn’t have to ask myself questions
Or even doubt myself
He’s gone, forever, not coming back
I look away from the window then back out
Wondering if it would help just to forget



The Monster In Me

negativeMy monster in life is negativity. Negativity always brings me down. For example, when there is a pop quiz I always doubt myself and tell myself that I’m not going to get an A on it. Or when I try to write a book when I get bored I always say that it’s stupid and no one will like it.

Some example(s)¬†– Pop quizzes are not my strong suit. I always feel like I should’ve studied for something I didn’t know was going to happen. There is one person who encourages me the most and that is Carly. She always says my writing pieces are good when I doubt them, Carly also always says she likes what I write and that makes me happy. I feel like I probably wouldn’t of improved writing if I never met her.

I doubt my friends sometimes anyways I shouldn’t. When I doubt my friends they start to think that they can’t do something. I wish I knew why I did that because then maybe I could stop. I want to stop, then doing good and improving my character would help my personality out a lot.

My mom always calls me a Negative Nancy because when I mushroom hunt with her I complain that we aren’t going to find any. If I was someone else I probably wouldn’t be friends with me. I guess one little characteristic can change someone’s self esteem about them self.

Well now people know what my monster is in me, negativity. We all know that it is not a great thing, and others know how to overcome negativity while some are stuck ruin their personality.


Who Am I?

SuWho am I? Well I’m me because I’m not anyone else I’m just me. People say God makes everyone for a reason, but sometimes I wonder what my reason was, or if I was just any other creation. You know like one of the cows being kept and in the end the same thing happens to all of them.

In school I’m not one of the kids that just hang low and don’t talk to anyone, but I’m not one of the popular kids like my older brothers were/is. I like to run, but I don’t like sports. I like to see my older siblings but when I do it’s like I don’t remember what to say. I have a lot of traits I just can’t find the words to explain them.

I’m the youngest in my family and there is four other kids so I get picked on (a lot). Three out of four of them moved out and now everything is different. I don’t like to be proven wrong because it makes me feel weak. For some reason I like when I get to know I’m stronger than people. Or even when I get to prove them wrong. I don’t like when I’m in school and we have groups, but 98% of the time I get stuck with popular kids. What makes me even more upset is when they don’t care what I have to say on the groups behalf.

A few of my traits are: I am NOT a people person- I can usually tell what a person is like from the first five minutes of meeting them. I am not that friendly to people I don’t like. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try but when they get on my last nerve I am done with them. – I don’t like to be included in drama- Drama just gets you in trouble. One second a person hates someone else then the next second they are best buds. I just don’t understand. – Hard Working- I guess I could be called hard working because if I’m focused on one thing then I need to get it done or else it will haunt me forever. I don’t complain too much but if I hate what I’m doing (extremely hate) I will complain.-I can be negative or positive- I can be negative if I don’t think a situation is possible or I could be positive if I’m trying to encourage someone.

I can see my self in the future being successful at being a restaurant owner. I don’t know why I want to do that, maybe because I have wanted to be an owner since I was about eight years old and was actually starting to take things serious. I don’t understand how my traits are going to help with that either because I’m not a people person. The bossy part might help me, maybe, not anything else though.

I can also see my self living in the middle of the woods like I do now. I don’t like people I don’t know so that’s why I wouldn’t want to live in town. Also drama spreads fast in towns because people tell people what someone else said if its true or not.

So who am I? Well I am awesome. I would say I’m one of a kind really. I still don’t know what my purpose in life is, but that doesn’t matter does it? I showed some of my traits and now I even know myself better than I did.




How Can We Make The World More Awesome???

kpToday my class and me were watching a ‘ Kid President ‘ video and it was ” The year of kids “. My class assignment was to come up with a way to make the world more awesome. I came up with about one or two ways.

One way we could make the world more awesome is to be kind and appreciative. If everyone would say hello to people they don’t even know that could make another persons day. So try it and make the world awesome.

Another way to make the world awesome is to recycle. I’m not trying to sound like your science teacher here but I am being for real. If we recycled there wouldn’t be as much pollution and there would also be more room for that seven billion people to live. If the world helped out then we could reduce the trash to about 30% at the least.

That was my idea about how to make the world more awesome and I think personally that it might actually work. So get out there and compliment people or recycle just to make Earth, are Earth a better home.

How Much Time Do You Spend Online?

onlineMy language arts teacher gave us three questions to answer. Question #1. why should teenagers time online be limited? Answer #1. I think teenagers time online should be limited because if they are writing notes by the computer there hand writing isn’t getting any neater. Also it could damage their eye sight at a very young age.

Question #2. How much time do you spend online? Answer #2. If your asking me how much time I spend online then I would say about some where between a hour to a hour and a half. I probably don’t spend as much time online compared to other kids my age because I don’t have a phone or internet at home. The only time I am online is when I am on my blog in E.L.A. or at my friends house rarely.

Question #3. What effect does this have on you? Answer #2. The effect it has on me since I am usually not online is I am not up to date on all of the jokes that people get off of the app Vine and stuff. So when they are making jokes I usually don’t get them until one off my friends tell me what it means.

Dr. Seuss Life Lessons

drThe assignment for today in my language arts class was to pick one of Dr. Seuss‘s rules. I picked rule number one because it fits best for me. The rule was “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you“.

I picked this one because it lets me know that I am one of a kind. Being one of a kind is a great feeling. No matter if you have an identical twin you are still you. Not to be too literal here but it isn’t even possible for someone to be youer than you, because if your you that is as good as it gets right.

So if I am right I will believe and feel great about Dr. Seuss’s number one rule. I just wanted for every one to feel good about them self including me even and to know that there is no one youer than you.

My Inspiration

igelMy mom is my inspiration. My mom’s name is Mary and she has showed me that I can do any thing I will I just got to work for it. When I was little my dad ask my mom to do something, so when she was taking piles of wood and loading them she told me “Don’t let a man know you can do everything.” I think what she meant out of that is that girls can do what a man can.

My mom now works in construction. I believe she is a Foreman or a Journeyman. The most she has worked in a day is 20 hours. She has worked st the zoo when she grade checked it and now is working on roads in Columbus. She gets up to go to work around five a.m. every morning and gets home around five or six p.m..

My mom works so hard and I am so proud of her. She has inspired me to work as hard as I can till my feet fall off. She is the best mom in the world and I love her. I hope I got my point across that she is my inspiration.


I have two favorite games. I am not into Minecraft that much like I use to be because the main purpose of the game is to place blocks down. My brother has a PlayStation 3 and I have a Xbox 360. My two favorite games are “Fable Three” and “Skyrim”. I play Fable Three on my Xbox when I have time (I hardly ever play on my Xbox) and I play Skyrim on my brother’s PlayStation 3.

skyrimSkyrim was shown to me by my older brother Danny. When ever Danny lets me play on his PlayStation I always chose to play Skyrim. It is to were you are a dragon born which means you have a dragon soul and every time you kill a dragon you take there soul too. Every mission I play I always goof off and take (steal) a bunch of stuff. For example if I find a gem of some sorts on a mission I will take it until I get into town then sell it for how much it is worth. I never buy food because I always take the food. In the game Skyrim you don’t have to eat, unless if your in battle and about to die I would suggest to eat so you can raise your health.

3In Fable Three you are the kings child. In the game I am a girl so If I say girl, she, or her that is optional to pick if your are a male or female. The king was so called a hero and how powers. when I say powers I don’t mean Super Man I just mean like strength and able to wear a glove and make it shoot fire out of it. There are a lot of missions in this game just like in Skyrim. Fable Three is a really hard game to explain so I really hope I did a good enough job to sum it up.


Language Arts

booksIn language arts class we are doing this blog post thing he calls the ten in ten. In that term he meant to write ten blog post in ten days. This is probably my my 6th blog post out of ten. We will never finish it because it will just stop around the eighth post.

I am reading the Maximum Ride series. It is about a group of kids that who have been a experiment there whole life. They are 98% human and 2% avian (which means bird). They have bird wings and the rest is human like. They are as strong if not stronger that the average male and they all weigh about one hundred to one hundred and twenty pounds because there bones and muscle are so thin. Max is the oldest and she is fourteen. Then it goes to Fang at 14, Iggy 14, Nudge 11, Gazzy 8, Angle 6. They are all like Max with the whole bird thing going on.

I am on book four of the series and there is eight books. The books are around four hundred pages each. I have been reading the books for two and a half weeks now and I still can not get tired of them. I usually hate reading but for some reason these books are like speaking to me.

This post was supposed to be about language arts class but my teacher gave everyone an option of writing about a book. So that is clearly what I did.